New Paper on ALD for Solid-State Batteries

Our paper “Atomic Layer Deposition and First Principles Modeling of Glassy Li3BO3-Li2CO3 electrolytes for solid-state Li metal batteries” is published in Journal of Materials Chemistry A.  In this collaborative work with the Siegel and Sakamoto groups at UM, we report the highest Li-ion conductivity to date in an ALD solid electrolyte, which is also stable against Li metal and air exposure. [Link]

New group members

Welcome to our newest group members! Dr. Jing Wang (Postdoc), Julia Lenef (Ph.D Student., Materials Science), Mark Main (Ph.D. Student, Materials Science), and Ethan Patterson (Undergraduate Student, Mechanical Engineering) all joined the group in Fall 2018.

Visit to Korea

Neil recently visited Korea, and gave invited talks at the AVS 18th International Conference on ALD, Korea University, and Seoul National University.  Thanks to Prof. Joon Hyung Shim (Korea Univ.) and Prof. Suk-Won Cha (SNU) for the invitations!