Two new solid-state battery papers published

We recently published two new papers focused on in situ/operando analysis of solid-state batteries (SSB), led by recent Ph.D. graduate Dr. Andrew Davis.  The first, entitled “Operando Analysis of Interphase Dynamics in Anode-Free Solid-State Batteries with Sulfide Electrolytes” studies the evolution of the solid electrolyte/current collector interface during initial charging of an anode-free SSB. A multi-modal approach is used to probe the transition from initial SEI formation to Li plating. The second, entitled “Rate Limitations in Composite Solid-State Battery Electrodes: Revealing Heterogeneity with Operando Microscopy” studies composite SSB electrodes, which are critical for all-solid-state cathodes. Similar to Li-ion batteries, we observe energy/power tradeoffs, which are attributed to local inhomogeneity and current focusing within the electrode microstructure.